The art workshops Ceramica-InDeco on production of interior ceramics, souvenirs and handmade gifts.

We make souvenirs, interior and handmade landscape figures from red, white clay and porcelain.

Production sections

Ceramic houses

Houses candlesticks, oil incense.


In different techniques - textured rolling, hand sculpting.

​​Figures of people

Witches, Judaica - medicine, religion, musicians, photographers.



Mini bells, single bells, garlands of bells.


Magnets in the form of animals, birds, copies of city views.

Christmas, New Year

Bells, panels and miniatures. Angels, Christmas nativity scenes, Santa Claus, snowmen.

Ware for beer

Pottery beer mugs, jugs, bottles with embossed emblems.

Incense smokers

Figures of people, animals, houses, interior objects

Figures,mini figures

Figures, mini figures, magnets. Animals, fish, birds, characters, decorative.

Panels and miniatures

Wall panels and miniatures in the form of animals, fish and characters

Home and landscape decor

Interior home decor items. Landscaping - figures, installations.

PC "InDeco Group"

Partner LLC "Eurodek"



Savanuoriu avenue 178, Vilnius, Lithuania


+370 683 00567, +370 609 68349