How to place an order

Orders for our products are placed in Excel tables, which are located on our website in the "Price Lists" section.

To get access to the Price Lists section, you will need to register on the site.

After you register on the site and your registration is approved by the administrator, you can go to the Price Lists section and download the file you need with the order table.

Files with tables for placing an order are the EXCEL program format and contain photos of the products.

How to place an order in excel tables.

1. Download to your computer files with tables of the assortment of products that you have selected.


2. Open the file


3. Enter the desired quantity of products in the column "Quantity", following down the table.


4. When completing the selection of quantities in each table, do not forget to save the files! After completing your order, send all the files with which you worked to us by e-mail.

If you encounter any difficulties with working with order tables, contact us and we will help you deal with ordering

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