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section1, houses
section2, mugs
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section4, fig-mini
section5, bell
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sektion8, new year

Page 1

Houses candlesticks. Aroma

Page 2

Beer mugs, jugs, bottles with embossed emblems. Moneyboxes.

Page 3

Figurines incense smokers, aroma candlesticks.

Page 4

People figurines, figures animals, birds, bugs,  marine life. Mini figures.

Page 5

Angels - figures, bells, panels and miniatures. Wall panels and miniatures in the form of animals, fish and characters. Magnets.

Page 6

 Bells, garlands.

Page 7

Landscape decoration. Interior items home decor.

Page 8

Christmas motives. Angels, Santa Claus, Snowmen. Bells, pendants, incense smokers.